Todd continues impressive top 10 speed in Germany

Bike It MTX Kawasaki

October 07th, 2021

The final stint of Grand Prix's began in Germany, in Teutschenthal. With 8 back-to-back races, it's going to be tough on the riders and will really show who has the endurance to round out the season. New to the circuit, Todd quickly picked up good speed around the hilly track.

Using his 13th gate pick, Todd was able to get a top ten start in race one, but the gnarly deep ruts would put an end to the Australians performance, as a deep rut bent the gear lever under the footrest, hampering his ability to change gear. Despite trying to push on, Todd was forced to make a pit stop, but the changeover cost him over a lap so was forced to accept 29th position in race one. Not disheartened by this Todd once again got a great start on his KX250, mixing in with the top ten guys, and as he made a push for 6th a small crash ended up costing him around 5 seconds - unfortunately too much to overcome as he eventually crossed the finish line in 7th place.

The team now heads to France at the circuit of Lacapelle Marival for round 12 of the MXGP World Championship.

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